About Me

kovehI am a Landscape and Travel photographer based out of Seattle, Washington.  I specialize in dramatic, wide-angle photographs with a s strong emphasis on compositions and dramatic scenery.

My start in photography began five years ago when I picked up my first camera – a used digital SLR.  I’m completely self-taught with respect to my techniques, both in the field and processing in the digital darkroom.  This self-guided journey has enabled me to create and perfect my own approach at all stages of the creative process, with the goal of creating beautiful photographs from the natural world.

I have a true love of photography, both in taking photographs and in enjoying amazing images from other photographers.  This appreciation goes beyond landscapes, and extends to all types of photography.  I often find myself browsing the popular photography websites, in awe of the incredible moments people have captured.  You can learn a lot by simply studying other beautiful and captivating photographs.

As photography is one of my loves, traveling is my great passion.  I live to explore and discover new and amazing places around the world.  Any wild and beautiful place around the globe beckons me.  As a result, you can find work in my galleries from my exploration of remote slot canyons, stunning mountain landscapes or beautiful waterfalls around the world.  Whether backpacking in the Himalayan Mountains, trekking the wild coastlines of New Zealand or exploring the amazing glaciers of Iceland, I am always looking forward to the next traveling experience.  My goal is to travel the world and experience the beauty that exists out there.  If I manage to capture some good images along the way, that’s even better.

Thanks for visiting my website, and I hope you enjoy my photographs.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Explore!   Dream!   Discover!

koveh nepal mountains

“No man is brave that has never walked a hundred miles. If you want to know the truth of who you are, walk until not a person knows your name. Travel is the great leveler, the great teacher, bitter as medicine, crueler than mirror-glass. A long stretch of road will teach you more about yourself than a hundred years of quiet introspection.” – Patrick Rothfuss

Photography Gear

  • Nikon D800E camera
  • Nikon 14-24 f/2.8
  • Nikon 24-70 f/2.8
  • Nikon 70-200 f/4
  • Tamron 150-600 f/5-6.3
  • Canon 5oD camera (Underwater)
  • Canon 16-35 f/2.8
  • Tokina 10-17 Fisheye (Underwater)
  • Induro CT213 Tripod w/ RRS BH-25 Ballhead
  • Fstop Loka & Tilopa camera bags


Spotlight & Publications

  • The Complete Guide To Gear For The Landscape Photographer (Justin Reznick e-book) – Interviewed Photographer (Dec 2014)
  • Inspiration Hut – Featured Photographer (Dec 2014)
  • Phictures – Featured Photographer (Aug 2014)
  • Colorado Life Magazine (July 2014)
  • RAW – Photographer Interview (May 15, 2013)
  • Aperture Academy – Photographer Interview (May 10, 2013)
  • RAW – Featured 500px Photographer Profile (May 8, 2013)
  • DOPE Awards – “Road to Awe” selected as winning image  (Jan 21, 2012)
  • Camerapixo Magazine – Featured Photographer Issue #16 (Dec 30, 2011)
  • F-Stop Nature & Landscape Newsletter – Featured Photographer Issue E06 (Dec 21, 2011
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